Cosmonator Press Kit


A top-down 'RPG-em-up' (RPG/Shoot-em-up hybrid) with a focus on custom character builds and tight gameplay.

Game Description

Slowly build up your ship to suit your particular playing style: perhaps you prefer a passive build that focusses on high firepower, strong sideships, specially customised homing missiles and a drone that fires automatically at any moving enemies? Or a tank build with strong shields, armor, and defensive special abilities? Or a caster with numerous devastating special attacks - and the ability to control time?

Each weapon, upgrade, ability and spell in Cosmonator is separately customisable so you can build up exactly the character you want. Add to this a massive level content (40 main missions and more than 20 optional unlockable side-missions), including a legion of epic boss battles, and you're guaranteed to keep coming back for more - even after the first playthrough.


Developer: Bourbontank, two-man team with one member in South Africa and another in the UK.

Release Date: Shortly after being Greenlit.

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows) with Mac and Linux support soon after.

Twitter: @Bourbontank Cosmonator

Steam Greenlight: Cosmonator


Demo and screenshots

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